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Does you have a car sitting in your garage simply because it has been damaged or needs repair? Is it taking up space on the property and you simply want to get rid of it? Do you have unexpected debts and you have to come up with some quick cash? If you are in any one of these situations, trade your junk cars for cash.

We, at EzTowings, offer cash for junk cars. There are times when your old car needs to be removed from the property. In that case, we will arrive at your property and remove the junk car for you, no matter its condition. Don’t worry if the vehicle has extensive body damage or no longer runs, we will haul it away for you and give you cash in exchange if it.

With our junk car buying service, you can make some quick cash. We are available to discuss your situation 24/7. After we discuss your situation, we schedule an appointment.

Here’s why you should choose our junk removal service-

  • EzTowings takes pride in offering the best service available in the city. Our friendly professionals can tow the vehicle off properly in time.
  • We offer the best possible deals to our customers. Our aim is to offer friendly and fast service at the best possible service.
  • Not only do we pay for the damaged and junk cards but also repair and resell them. If we are able to resell the vehicle, our customers can benefit to pay you more than just the scrap value.
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Quick Junk Car Removal Service

Get rid of a broken-down vehicle on the property.

If your vehicle no longer runs, you no longer have to worry. We can take it away from your property and give you cash in return. EzTowings is the ideal solution if you have to remove a clunker from the property. We offer professional service and the best rates.

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It was simple and fast to get help from EzTowings when required. They help me get back on the road within 39 minutes from the time I called them up for their service.

Susan Smith

I am highly impressed by EzTowings. What’s best is I could track their truck coming on the map. Their customer service is prompt and responsive.

Cynthia Moore

EzTowings in my view is the best car towing service in the area. They have top-notch towing vehicle that is safe and efficient. After contacting them, the whole process was handled efficiently.

Tim Rogers

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